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Connectek Union Smart Store is a customized inventory management and sales system for clothing, leather goods, bags and other retail stores. Can query the inventory in real time, and can track the cycle of each commodity, in the warehouse, out of the warehouse, sales, return, inventory of the purchase, sale and storage aspects. The system is based on RFID technology, and is based on the organic combination of RFID advanced technology and clothing management method. It effectively improves the efficiency of store management, simplifies the process of clothing management, reduces the labor intensity of store managers and provides consumers with a more fashionable and convenient shopping process.

RFID tag
Intelligent fitting room
Wisdom display cabinet
Intelligent inventory picking
Program advantage Program advantage
Fast scheduling

Real-time inventory control and rapid scheduling

Program advantage Program advantage
Improve the utilization rate of warehousing

Understand the current inventory, turnover, and commodity sales in real time, so that stores can adjust their marketing strategies as soon as possible and improve turnover and warehousing utilization.

Program advantage Program advantage
Upper and lower line integration

Realize the integration of online and offline retail stores, unified management of members, unified marketing, and the realization of new retail stores

Program advantage Program advantage
RFID Intelligent Induction Technology

With the organic combination of RFID advanced technology and clothing management, the fast and accurate store data management can be realized.

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