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In order to solve the problem of low efficiency and slow speed of manual dispatching forklift, Connectek intelligent forklift solution enables enterprises to achieve accurate and efficient management, at the right time, place, the right goods, So that the forklift has the "strongest brain", clearly understand the information of the goods, give accurate guidance to the location information of the forklift, improve the efficiency of finding goods, completely put an end to the problem of sending the wrong goods, connect seamlessly with ERP, and make the financial data more accurate. The problem of "with ERP and no data" is solved.

Warehouse cargo scheduling
Loading and unloading area
Reservoir trajectory
Goods in and out of the warehouse
Program advantage Program advantage
Improve artificial efficiency

Solve the traditional operation mode of relying on manual and paper inventory recording

Program advantage Program advantage
Precise scheduling guidelines

Make the forklift have the "strongest brain", know the information of the goods clearly, and give the forklift position information accurate guidance.

Program advantage Program advantage
Seamless docking of system

Seamless connection with ERP makes financial data more accurate, and solves the problem of "with or without ERP data".

Program advantage Program advantage
Inventory-free mode

The real-time and accurate docking of the data eliminates the manual stocktaking link and greatly improves the operation efficiency of the enterprise.

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